Wooden Storage Beds - Drawer Assembly Process

Below is a simple guide to assembling the Under Bed Storage Drawers for our Storage Bed Frames.


Lay out the component parts as shown above.


Insert 4x Wooden Dowels into front panel then position the first Side Panel.


Use a screwdriver to secure the Side Panel with 2x Wood Screws.


Repeat the process for the second Side Panel.


Slide the Drawer Base into the groove between the two Side Panels, ensuring it is located fully into the Front Panel.


Insert 4x Wooden Dowels into the drawer Back Panel and place into position, ensuring the Drawer Base is located in the groove of the Back Panel, then push the Side Panels into position on the Wooden Dowels.


Lay the Drawer flat on the floor and use a screwdriver to secure the Back Panel to the Side Panels with 2x Wood Screws provided for each side.


You may find using a clamp, or a second person to brace the Side Panel, helpful for this step to help keep the Side Panel in position.

If the above are not available the Side Panel could be braced against a wall, for example, using a towel or similar to prevent damage to either the wall/skirting board or Drawer itself.

The Finished Drawer

We are more than happy to help if you encounter any difficulties or questions regarding this process - please visit our Contact Us page to get in touch.