How To Brighten Up Your Home This Summer!

Summertime in the UK can definitely be a hit and miss with regards to the weather, but that doesn't mean you can’t create the perfect summer vibe throughout your home. Whether you are looking to completely revamp your home or simply looking to add a few extra touches, we’ve got you covered!

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Summer Shades 

Whilst we may not have had the best start to 2020, this year's summer trend aims to bring a calm and uplifting feel to your home. Grey has been a popular colour for home decor for a while and this doesn’t appear to be fading out any time soon, but other colours that are emerging this year include: cool blues, warm pinks/browns and light cream or beige tones. 

If you're looking to take on a whole DIY project, this could be a good starting point when deciding what wallpaper or paint colour to go for. The great thing about these colours is that they are very versatile and create almost a blank canvas, allowing easy adaptations to your decor seasonally. If you were hoping for an easier solution, these colours can influence your choice of a range of home furnishings, for example, your next sofa, cushions, rugs and stools. These simple colours create a great foundation for your home thereby allowing you to add your own unique flair...


Although the shades above are far from being considered as ‘bold’, 2020 is all about contrasting colours and decor. Ever thought about pairing your Westcott White bed frame with a large black lamp and bright yellow cushions? Well, this is the time to do it! This year is all about creating bold and bright colour statements throughout the home; it is the simple colour tones mentioned above that then allow smaller items such as throws, cushions, lamps and paintings to stand out even more. Bright citrus colours such as orange, yellow and pink are very popular this summer season. 


Inspired by the expressionist era, this is a great way to add more depth to your home with a focus on the finer details. Costs can be minimal and you can store these items away to create a whole new look during the winter months, think of it as a summer and winter wardrobe for your house!

Floral Patterns 

Nature is a great way to add that tropical island vibe to your home. Floral patterns are back and again this can be as big or as little project as you like. Here are 5 ways that you can incorporate floral patterns throughout your home: wallpaper or feature walls, cushions, duvet/bedding sheets, large paintings and large artificial hanging vines/flowers.

Bringing the Outdoors In

Who said plants are just for the garden? Most of us probably have the odd few plants and flowers pottered around the house, but this summer we can’t get enough! We are moving away from the idea of replicating high-end luxury hotel interiors and bedroom designs with more emphasis on minimalism and nature. With this minimalist approach in mind, plants are increasingly becoming a popular go-to when decorating living rooms and bedrooms. Although real plants require more attention and nurturing this is far more sustainable than artificial plants and can help to reduce stress, purify the air and some can even enhance better sleep. 

Don’t be afraid to fill the room with all different types and sizes of plants, this is meant to make a statement! 

Natural Materials: 

This element, in particular, will look different for everyone. You need to decorate your home with furniture that makes you feel at peace. Reclaimed wood, rattan and wicker are all making a reappearance this year. This ties in nicely with the cream and beige shades mentioned earlier and again creates this sense of calmness, whilst allowing you to use another decor as your statement pieces. If you’re really into your vintage furniture this could definitely be your next purchase! Just don’t go overboard, 2020 is more about the finer details so just one or two vintage touches will do. 

The list could go on, but hopefully, this is a good starting point and maybe provided some inspiration. What are your tips for creating that summer vibe in your home? 

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