20 American White Oak Facts

Impress your friends with this list of 20 interesting facts about American White Oak wood.

American White Oak Tree
  1. The scientific name of American White Oak is Quercus Alba (plant symbol: QUAL).
  2. American White Oak is similar in appearance to European Oak.
  3. There are eight different varieties of American White Oak, exported to Europe.
  4. American White Oak wood is extremely durable and highly resistant to decay.
  5. One of the main hardwoods of Eastern North America, American White Oak is one of the longest, largest and long-lived timber trees in existence.
  6. Typically 2-4 metres in diameter, an American White Oak tree grows to 70-100 feet tall, and can reach up to 150 feet tall.
  7. American White Oak trees have both male and female flowers, growing up to 9 inches.
  8. The fruit of an American White Oak tree is an acorn, eaten by many animals such as: Chipmunks, raccoons, squirrels, wild turkeys and blue jays. More than 180 species of animals use American White Oak acorns as food.
  9. The acorns of an American White Oak were once eaten by the Native American Indians.
  10. American White Oak is produced for a variety of uses, including: Lumber, furniture, flooring, fenceposts, barrels and baskets. It is also used for wooden bridges, doors and household kitchen cabinets.
  11. The American White Oak is the official tree of the US states of Connecticut and Maryland, and the state of Illinois - after a vote was taken by school children.
  12. An American White Oak tree is pictured on the quarter coin of Connecticut state.
  13. American White Oak trees normally live for around 200-300 years, though some White Oak trees have been known to live for much longer, and if undisturbed between 500-600 years. In 2002, the Wye Oak in Maryland, USA, toppled over in a storm. It was believed to be over 450 years old.
  14. In Japan, American White Oak is often used to make martial arts weapons, because the density and strength of the wood make it unlikely to splinter if broken. Such training instruments include the: Bokken Sword and the Jo Staff.
  15. Although called American ‘White’ Oak, the bark is usually coloured a light grey.
  16. The tallest known American White Oak tree was recorded at 144 feet (43 metres).
  17. An American White Oak tree does not normally reach sexual maturity until the age of 20, and production of large acorn crops normally starts around its 50th year.
  18. A 75-foot American White Oak Tree weighs approximately 16,000kg or 17.6 tonnes.
  19. The wood from an American White Oak trees is often used to make barrels for the ageing of wine.
  20. American White Oak is sometimes used in people’s homes and gardens as an ornamental tree.


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